słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. bake

Healthier is when meat and fish we simmer, bake or steam.
I hate to eat frozen bread. I think I'll start to bake my own bread
Let's bake a lemon cake tonight?
Will you bake a cake for me?

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Zywienie gosek
Unit 6 "Żywienie, zakupy i usługi"

2. roast

przykład ze słówkiem
roast beef
roast salmon
there is nothing I like more than tucking into a juicy steak, munching on a hamburger or chewing on a nice piece of roast beef.

food products
Żywienie, zakupy
przymiotniki opisujące jedzenie; przygotowywanie p...
Food Moodule 10
Żywienie, zakupy i usługi

3. furnace

I'll be shoveling coal in a furnace. They preapred a huge furnace outside.
The hot air was allowed to rise through the ducts while the heavier cold air dropped down through return ducts to the furnace.

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4. kiln

a large oven for baking bricks and other clay objects until they are hard

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5. stove

The kitchen is equipped with an electric stove.
We took two tents, sleeping bags, a folding table and some chairs, air-mattresses, some fishing tackle, stove, pots and pans and many other useful things.
a gas/wood-burning stove
he looked up at the sky

[13] VB: Enviornment
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6. boiler

Definition a boiler is a device that burns coal, gas, or oil in order to provide heat and hot water for a building
The second boiler needed at least another day of work.

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7. oven

Turn on the oven.
may be specified to supply an electric oven in a kitchen
watch out, the oven is very hot.
we use OVEN for baking or roasting

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8. furnace's

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