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po angielsku:

1. modest

Money didn't change her; she's still modest and honest.

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3000 słów angielskich (cz.2)
unit 5 - człowiek
Longman B2 Bank słów: człowiek, dom
Repetytorium LONGMAN matura podstawowa Unit 1

2. effacing

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3. humble

Upper-intermediate 1
Człowiek Angielski upper
Kartkówka 1 - Człowiek
Człowiek-Longman-Repetytorium maturalne poziom roz...
1. Człowiek Repetytorium Maturalne Longman Zakres ...

4. unassuming

An unassuming nature is one thing they have in common
He has won public affection for his unassuming style.
Money hasn't changed her; she's still modest and honest.
[adjective] - quiet and not wanting attention or admiration

tak chuj kurwa
matura solution 1
Oxford Matura Trainer: People
vocabulary bank: people
Kuźmowe prefixes

5. meagre

Her earnings, though meagre, satisfy her needs.
We have, after all, a meagre enough amount of free time.
[adjective] - very small or not enough
meagre supplies of food
they’d been robbed of all their meagre possessions

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6. unassertive

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7. demure

She stood with her hands behind her back, as demure as a schoolgirl.
She stood with her hands behind her back, as demure as a schoolgirl. Glamour model Danielle Lloyd looked demure in navy and black
She was wearing a demure gray suit/ the demure charm of the cottage
[adjective] - quiet and well behaved

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8. understated

It's an understated story of a woman whose relatives die in a car accident.
She believes the research understates the amount of discrimination women suffer.